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Government Backup Power Systems

Static Power provides technical sales and service for back-up power to all types of government facilities. We provide turnkey services from the initial review of requirements and design of a back-up power system through sales, testing and maintenance of the installed system.

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Our engineering and technical staff works with each client to review the specific requirements of the installation and to design a back-up power system that will ensure that critical systems will continue to operate in the event of a power loss.  Whether the requirements are for an office, a multi-location facility, or for a military base, our experienced team will design, recommend and install an effective, efficient power system.

We provide back-up power units and UPS systems for government related equipment, including:

  • Office Equipment
  • Computers, server systems and equipment rooms
  • Communications systems
  • Data Centers
  • Lighting systems for offices, municipal and military facilities

During emergencies, our back-up power systems will ensure that critical systems remain online and emergency communications and lighting are available so that your facility can operate safely until full power is restored.

Static Power’s products and services include:

Engineering and design services – Our engineers and technical staff will review your requirements and design a system to meet the back-up power requirements for your government facility, whether they are for an office, municipality, or military complex.

Emergency back-up and UPS systems – A full line of emergency power products and systems is available, including:

  • Batteries
  • DC power systems
  • Telecom power systems
  • Emergency lighting
  • Power conditioners
  • Power distribution units (PDU)

Static Power works with the major manufacturers in the power protection industry to provide each customer with the highest-quality system available.

System installation – Static Power provides turnkey installation for all our systems.  Our technical staff will install your system and perform complete testing of the system to ensure that it is working properly.

Maintenance – We offer comprehensive, on-site maintenance of your back-up power systems.  This includes maintenance, removal and recycling for batteries, repair services, monitoring and testing of systems.   In addition, we provide exclusive maintenance support for many manufacturers for existing systems.   Static Power will provide maintenance for your system, whether we installed it or not.

Contact us for recommendations on a power system design for your governmental facility.

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